Dyllan’s Aquarium Blogging Niche – Case Study! (2021)

This blog post will document Dyllan’s journey into the blogging world. Without any SEO knowledge, I decided to take Dyllan under my wings. After a full-on discussion with Dyllan, he decided to tackle the aquarium pet niche.

So to readers – be sure to bookmark this URL. I’ll be documenting Dyllan’s entire blogging journey from his mistakes, struggles, and journey to success.

Dyllan's Journey to Blogging Success

December 10th, 2021

After a long-friendly discussion with Dyllan last night, he decided to take on the challenges. So this morning, he brainstormed several niches.

I asked him the niches he had in mind. I didn’t recommend him any niches since it’s always better to tackle a niche you’re most comfortable with.

The niches Dyllan brainstormed were:

  • Aquarium Pet Niche
  • Rollerblading Niche
  • Shoe Niche

I used several SEO tools to provide him with some data. In the end, Dyllan decided to go with the aquarium niche.


Many online bloggers would recommend Bluehost but Dyllan went with Namecheap because it’d be easier for me to guide him.

Here’s exactly what Dyllan did:

  1. Purchased a domain name. (Cost: $9.16)
  2. Purchased EasyWP.
  3. Connected his hosting to his domain.
  4. Connected an SSL Certificate.

While waiting for his SSL Certificate to install on his website, Dyllan created his logo using Canva, which took less than 10 minutes.

I advised Dyllan to go with the Astra WordPress theme, one of the most popular free themes on WordPress because he’ll likely deal with fewer issues and bugs in the future.

After installing Astra, Dyllan installed several WordPress plugins that I recommended.

Tiny MCE WordPress Plugin

These plugins were:

After an hour of slight customization to Dyllan’s aquarium site, we began to do keyword research together for his blog.

Finally, Dyllan discovered a topic he was comfortable with. In the midst of writing his article – he asked about a published and an unpublished blog post.

Advice for Dyllan: A completed blog post that’s not published is like planting a seed without water nor sunlight. Publishing an article right after completion is a better choice because content can take months to rank on the search engines.

December 11th, 2021

I sent Dyllan several forum posts, stories, blogs, and YouTube stories that inspired me when I first started. He’s quite a fast learner.

After reading more about the topic of blogging, Dyllan mentioned several things that he might need:

  • Google Search Console
  • Yoast

Dyllan's Google Search Console

On this list – the most important thing is to connect his website to Google Search Console because that’s how you signal Google to index your most recent pages.

Google Search Console will also notify you when something is wrong with your pages and ways to improve them.


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