My Story

Hi – My name is Andy and this is my story.

Andy O'Lam Story

I grew up loving the idea of making money online.  It all started when I was an 8-year old kid playing an online game called ‘Maplestory.’


Most players on Maplestory would aim to become the strongest, the highest level, etc. As an 8-year old kid, I was fascinated by the economy of the game. I learned how to trade and earn in-game money.

At the time, I didn’t realize how much this game would influence my future. Learning to trade on this game taught me about supply and demand, it helped me understand the stock market, and eventually – the crypto market.

I fell in love with the idea of becoming my own boss. Throughout my journey growing up, I’ve experimented with countless projects.

I failed, failed, and failed. Projects after projects.

I experimented with:

  • Dropshipping
  • Starting a T-Shirt Business (as a kid)
  • I tried to flip clothing and other items

Eventually, it introduced me to the world of SEO and blogging. After many failed online businesses, blogging is the one thing that led to countless opportunities for me.

I realized how powerful blogging was and it still is. However – the journey wasn’t easy. I failed over and over again because of my lack of patience.

I created this blog to share with you these experiences and other knowledge to help new bloggers around the world. I’m not the master of blogging. I’m just a guy who failed countless times and these mistakes and experiences are something I’d like to share.

Andy O'Lam About Me

Sincerely, Andy L.