Projects + Usernames For Sale! (2023)

I have some available projects and things for sale that I built/collected throughout my journey. If you are interested, you can email

WordPress Websites with Ranking Keywords + Organic Traffic

Website URL Price Traffic $400 100 views/month $1,000 300 views/month $500 ??? $200 Typo Domain $200 $1,500 $500 $2,500 $250 $200 $750 $200 $250

YouTube @Handles

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@viet @flavoring @dicers
@trustful @auditioner Usernames

@date’s Username

Other Resources + Price Check/Confirmation

 Collectibles and Rare Number NFTs

RedBull NFT Helmets
Official RedBull NFT Helmet Collection
Burger King: Anitta Behind the Scenes No. 1
Larissa's Real Signature No 1
Burger King: Larissa’s Real Signature No. 1
Burger King: Anitta, Meet Larissa No. 1
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