Sweet.io NFT Items and Release Dates! (2023)

Whether you’re into NFTs or not – you’ll always feel at home around the Sweet community. I know I did. In early 2022, I was learning about NFTs but wasn’t too serious about it. The main problem (for me) was that NFTs were still pretty new.

With so many huge events occurring worldwide, I guess NFTs were something I could put aside to learn about later.

“But what if this could be the next big thing?” I wondered.

2022 was a busy year for me. I knew I didn’t have the time to invest in NFTs. At the same time – I couldn’t pass up an exciting golden opportunity. I have to admit that I still didn’t even 100% know what it was for the first several weeks.

Like many people, I signed up for many different NFT trading platforms. At first – Sweet.io was another NFT platform to me. That changed. Every 7-days, users on Sweet.io receive a free random NFT. It began as a tradition, where I would collect these NFTs weekly.

Sweet.io NFT Items and Release
Sweet.io Collection

One week after another, I grew attached to Sweet.io’s community. I met many incredible people from around the world.

And then fast-forward over half a year later, my collection of NFTs has reached over 200 items!

I had some NFTs I traded and was curious about when they were minted, by whom, and the initial cost. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find much information.

If a user has an account with over 50+ NFTs, I’m certain it would take a lot of time to click on each item and load a page.

Don’t worry – I’m here to help save you time. 🙂

I’ll list the name of the company that released the NFT, the date the NFT was minted/released, and the total number of supplies. Everything will be listed in numerical order for you.

List of NFTs Released on Sweet.io (Oldest to Newest)

  • i-Create: Skulls of Rock, Cost: $9.99, Total Supply: 100, Token Type: SLP, Released Date: ???
  • i-Create: Sneaky Evil, Cost: $9.99, Total Supply: 400, Token Type: SLP, Released Date: ???

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