“Why Am I So Stupid?” Don’t Beat Yourself Up, Here’s Why

Why Am I So Stupid

Now that I got your attention, erase the question “why am I so stupid” from your mind. You’re not stupid. To be completely honest, we’re different kinds of smarts. Every one of us was raised differently, have different cultures, different interests, and path in life.

We have different brains and process different thoughts. Don’t let your surroundings and people get to you. They’re not your bullies. Your mindset is your bully. Growing up with depression, I realized how scary our thoughts can be. From making the mistakes of not memorizing certain things to being heartbroken, your thoughts will sometimes be your enemy. It’s up to you how you want to control it.

I’ve dealt with many situations in life and it can sometimes be a rollercoaster of emotions:

  • I wasted money on unnecessary things
  • I made a choice that led to a bigger problem in life
  • I was heartbroken

There are thousands of scenarios on why it makes you feel this way.

Where There Is Darkness, There Is Light

Where There Is Darkness, There Is Light

We all have to deal with our own problems but where there is darkness, there is light. You could be sitting in class next to the smartest and responsible student and feel bad for yourself. Well, don’t feel that way. I wasn’t the best in school neither but I did what I must to change my mindset.

If one thing doesn’t suit you, find something you’re passionate about and apply yourself.

I wasn’t good at many things but I eventually discovered what I love doing. I love music and writing. These two passionate hobbies of mine help me express myself better. If you feel demoralized and broken because of a situation, find ways to improve yourself.

You won’t grow if you don’t break.

There Is Always a Solution

There Is Always a Solution

There are thousands, if not – millions of scenarios but there are always solutions. For the betterment of yourself and your surroundings, taking these actions could help improve your wellbeing. After all, half of the battle is in the mindset. The mistakes you make will only bring you down if you’re mind is constantly thinking negative thoughts. To give you an idea of how I improve my situations, I listed a few examples below.

1. You lost all of your money gambling

I’ve been in situations similar to this. I could relate. Without a doubt, the feeling of losing sucks. The feeling of wanting to win is even worse. In gambling, you’re constantly envisioning yourself winning in a toxic environment. The solution to this is to stop gambling. If you have friends that love to gamble, then surround yourself with people that’ll push you to better yourself.

2. People shame you because of your opinion

In life, we’ve all said regretful things. Some friends/acquaintances joke in a friendly manner with you. Some people mean it. It’s not easy to break off a “friendship.” You’ll have to surround yourself with the right people.

3. You ruined your relationship with others

It happens. We all have different ideas and when both parties don’t agree, it could spark a series of unfortunate events. This happened to me in the past and I learned that these problems won’t fix themselves. You have the power to fix and rebuild those relationships. If they’re good friends, learn to communicate and figure things out together. If they’re a bad friend, it’s better to move on. Most of the time, unnecessary drama just isn’t worth the trouble.

Types of Intelligence

Types of Intelligence

If you truly feel out of place, well you’re not. To help ease your mind, there are 9 types of intelligence. If you’re not good at a certain thing, you’re likely better at something else. We all have different types of intelligence and learning about this might help you learn more about yourself.

  1. Naturalist
  2. Musical
  3. Mathematical
  4. Existential
  5. Interpersonal
  6. Bodily-kinesthetic
  7. Linguistic
  8. Intrapersonal
  9. Visual-Spatial

1. Naturalist (Nature Smart)

If you’re a naturalist, you’re likely the type of person to connect with nature easily. For many people, connecting to nature makes them feel more at home.

2. Musical (Sound Smart)

For many people, tone-deaf is a problem when it comes to music. If you’re listening to music and could repeat the pitch through sounds. you could be sound smart. These types of people have good rhythm and a strong connection to music.

3. Mathematical (Reasoning/Number Smart)

You could be mathematically smart if you’re great with numbers and logical thoughts. People often mistake this type of smart as general intelligence.

4. Existential (Life Smart)

Do you find yourself constantly thinking about your purpose and life? Do you sometimes wonder why we exist? You could be life smart. While many people are living their lives, people are thinking about life and its existence. Most of these people end up becoming teachers or psychologists.

5. Interpersonal (People Smart)

If you find yourself good at reading people and their behaviors, you could be interpersonal smart. People that are interpersonal smart often become leaders.

6. Bodily-kinesthetic (Body Smart)

Body smart people can best be described as a natural-born athlete. At times, they use their body to express feelings and emotions. These people are generally dancers and surgeons.

7. Linguistic (Word Smart)

If you find yourself to be great with words, you could be word smart. People that are great at persuading and communicating are usually linguistic.

8. Intrapersonal (Self Smart)

With self smart, you’re good at understanding yourself. You understand yourself better than people understanding themselves. People that are word smart are generally writers and philosophers.

9. Visual-Spatial (Picture Smart)

You’re great with maps and navigating. You’re good at art and design. If you’re in fit the description, you’re most likely picture smart. People that are picture smart are usually architects, photographers, or artists.

You’re Not Stupid

Why Am I So Stupid

You see, you shouldn’t degrade yourself. There are different types of intelligence and you’re likely one of the above. As a user of Quora and Reddit, I notice many people think this way about themselves. You shouldn’t let your mind flood you with negative thoughts.

While it may seem difficult at first to find a solution and make changes, remember that all things take time. Like planting a seed and nurturing it until it sprouts, it’s the same concept. You have to nurture your negative thoughts but it won’t go away immediately. You’re not stupid. You are you and that’s what makes you, you.

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